Queensgate Instruments

Queensgate Instruments has been at the forefront of nanopositioning technology for over three decades. Our systems deliver world-leading performance cost effectively. They are widely used in metrology, telescopes, optoelectronics, semiconductors, astronomy, microscopy and hard disk drive testing as well as defence and space applications. Queensgate is now a leading brand in the product portfolio of Elektron Technology plc.

Our experienced engineers, scientists and manufacturing experts specialise in creating tailored offerings to challenging problems, from advising on the best use of our standard products through to end to end delivery of custom components and systems.

Our range includes:

Closed Loop Piezo-Actuated Stages

  • Linear and tilting/rotational formats with both single and multi-axis configurations
  • Piezo actuation combined with capacitive position feedback for powerful closed loop performance
  • Unique Dual Sensor Technology option for faster step responses, improved stability against payload changes and a significant increase in mechanical bandwidth


  • Up to 120 microns range and 35kN blocking force
  • Capacitive position sensors for low hysteresis – high accuracy positioning in closed loop mode
  • Flexure guidance to minimise off-axis deviations for ultimate motion accuracy

Electronic Control Mechanisms

  • Digital and analogue electronics solutions to drive stages and actuators
  • Dual Sensor Technology enabled


  • Capacitive sensors with up to 1.25mm range with picometre resolution
  • Available in aluminium, Super Invar and Gold on Zerodure/Super Invar
  • Vacuum, radiation and cryogenic compatibility options

Images courtesy of Queensgate Instruments.

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