National Strategy Programme in Ultra Precision

The National Strategy Programme in Ultra Precision aims to deliver a thriving and active ultra precision network community across academia and industry, supported by information services and collaboration opportunities.

This is achieved through building on the Centre’s aim to create ultra high precision manufacturing processes and tools that can make products with nanoscale precision.

The EPSRC Centre will act as a knowledge ‘hub’ through significant engagement with UK industry and leading international organisations, facilitating technical workshops, research specific meetings, delivering industrial short courses and developing a UK database of ultra precision facilities and equipment.

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Web services

Our web services includes all the information on this website, and the bringing together of multiple information channels onto this single portal for the ultra precision community.

More specific services include the database of UK service providers of ultra precision facilities and listing of the research projects and publications.  There is also a vibrant and up-to-date list of UK and international events, conferences, exhibitions and the free networking events run by the Centre.

These services are provided primarily via this web portal, but feeds are also provided via other digital and print media where possible. Twitter and LinkedIn groups exist to direct the ultra precision community to available web services and events, likewise we try to publicise events through the traditional print media of the UK business and academic press.

The web service is a dynamic aspect of the Centre’s activity and it is expected additional content will be developed as the National Strategy Programme progresses.