Research Platforms

The Research Platforms

Three ultra precision Research Platforms are being created, which are based around key outputs and identified key demands drawn from the Research Portfolio and industrial partners. The three Research Platforms represent the Centre’s major flagship projects.

The Research Platforms will be created across the Centre partnership using fully digital mechatronic design processes: CAD, FEA (thermal/dynamic), CAM and modal techniques for structural/thermal analyses.


Laser Focused Ion Beam


The Laser Focused Ion Beam platform will be a next generation development beyond today’s systems. This platform will be developed to include laser processing capabilities that will dramatically improve the production rates of micro and nano sized components.

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Meso Scale


The Meso Scale platform is a compact sized micro-factory capable of subtractive and additive technologies including energy beam and print processes. This platform represents a new generation of high performance ultra precision machine system, eclipsing the performance of single process step machines.

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Macro Reel-to-Reel “r2r”


The Macro Reel-to-Reel “r2r” platform will be a unique large scale facility capable of processing continuous film and film creating mould tools. It will combine diamond machining technologies with accretion, print, imprint/embossing and energy beam processes.

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