Miba Coatings Group

Teer Coatings Limited, Miba Coating Group, manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for PVD and PACVD coating and nano-cluster deposition. The Company also provides a coating service, including nano-composite, nano-laminate and nano-textured coatings.

Film thickness can be selected in the nm to microns range and materials can be selected from elemental metals, alloys, compounds (e.g. oxides, nitrides, carbides, etc.), with nano-metre repeatability in multilayer structures and selective control of surface topography, from conformal coatings to high surface area structures.

Surface energy can also be controlled, from hydrophobic surfaces for anti-fouling surfaces (including transparent coatings for sensor windows, etc.) to super-hydrophilic, photo-activated coatings (e.g. for self-cleaning and anti-microbial applications). In the ClusterBeam equipment, Nano-clusters are synthesised in the gas phase and can be size-selected, from single atoms to 10,000s atom clusters. Clusters can be deposited onto planar surfaces or powder supports (e.g. for catalysis), if required.

PVD Equipment
ClusterBeam Technology