PI (Physik Instrumente) UK Ltd

PI (Physik Instrumente) UK Ltd provides the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion technologies available today.

The PI UK office based in Bedfordshire, adopts a consultative engagement model with our clients, working as part of their team to establish which solution is right for them.

For over 40 years, PI is known for its leadership in the research, design and manufacture of Piezo components, nanopositioning actuators/motors, magnetic drives, Hexapod 6-axis parallel positioners and micro-handling / alignment robotic systems; for both ambient and extreme environments, such as vacuum, cryogenic, exposure to radiation and outer space. Further complimenting this unrivalled portfolio, PI pride themselves with their approach to working with clients who require custom build bespoke motion and measurement solutions.

PI employs more than 800 people globally, with research, design and manufacturing facilities in 3 continents, with global Head Office in Germany.