OFTTech Systems Ltd

OFTTech Systems Ltd provide a complete design, prototype manufacturing and testing service for high speed oil-free turbo-machinery or high precision spindles using gas lubricated bearings.

With over 30 years experience we can provide a service to design and build equipment using gas lubricated bearings with hydrostatic or hydrodynamic operation (using air, helium, refrigerant etc.). These provide absolute oil-free operation with low-friction, long life and high-precision positioning. Not only can we provide full analyses for gas bearings and rotordynamics using the latest numerical tools (Ansys), but our experts in aerodynamic CFD and electromagnetic design ensure we can perform a full compressor wheel, turbine, motor or generator optimisation. Please visit our web site to see examples of some of our projects.

Images courtesy of OFTTech Systems Ltd.


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