Goodfellow supplies a comprehensive range of metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, compounds, and composites to the research and precision engineering markets.

They are available either as finished components or in an extensive range of forms including sheets, foils, films, lump, powder, rods, wires, and tubes for our customers to machine. We also offer larger quantities of these materials to the industrial production market. In both cases, we can also supply materials to your individual specification, including composition, form and dimensions.

Our specialities include

  • Rolling thin metals foils (down to 1 micron) to very tight tolerances in a wide variety of pure metals and alloys. These can be manufactured in-house by our team of experienced rolling technicians.
  • Precision machining, cutting, turning, rolling, drilling, grinding, milling, etc.
  • Forming, bending, shaping, etc.
  • Coating with almost any metal or polymer to a defined thickness
  • Surface treatment, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, etc.

As a provider of a huge range of different materials for a wide range of academic and industrial uses, Goodfellow has built up a wealth of experience in not only selecting your most suitable material for an application but also in providing finished components. Regardless of the stage of your manufacturing cycle, either at prototype, pre-production or mass production volumes, Goodfellow can provide a complete service.

Materials in various forms
Ceramic components made to measure
Wide range of materials

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