MSc Research Exhibition, September 2015

Masters students from the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University showcased their individual MSc project research on 10 September 2015.  This poster presentation day demonstrated world-class capabilities in Manufacturing, Materials and Design disciplines.

MSc students Kai Hollstein, Suphansa Lieotrakool and Vicente Rivas Santos undertook their MSc individual research projects at Cranfield University within the EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision.

Project overviews:

Kai Hollstein:  Ultra Precision Encoder Technology for Position Referencing

Suphansa Lieotrakool:  Imprinting Lithography for Flexible Transparent Plastic Substrate by using Copper Mould in Mass Production

Vicente Rivas Santos:  An Approach to Smart Temperature Measurements on Advanced Materials for Optical Fabrication

Suphansa Lieotrakool MSc in Engineering and Managment of Manufacturing Systems
Kai Hollstein MSc in Manufacturing Technology and Management
Vicente Rivas Santos MSc in Manufacturing Technology and Management