IKC in Ultra Precision Structured Surfaces Review Meeting, June 2013

The EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision held a review meeting of the Integrated Knowledge Centre in Ultra Precision and Structured Surfaces (UPS2 IKC) at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London on Thursday 20 June 2013.

The IKC was established in 2007 with £6.3m funding from the EPSRC and with £1.2m from Welsh Government provided over a 6 year period.  The objective was to create a centre of excellence and national facilities that deliver to UK industry disruptive technologies enabling the manufacture of next generation products whose value adding functionality is gained through advanced engineering surfaces.

The IKC was led by Cranfield University and combined research strengths from  University College London, University of Cambridge and Glyndŵr University.  There was also significant involvement by UK industry with companies such as Qioptiq, Microsharp and Surrey Satellite Technologies Limited.  Rolls-Royce and Renishaw were involved in the educational aspect of the IKC, providing project and work placements for MSc students.

Delegates from industry, government and academia attended the meeting where presentations were made about the IKC research and development portfolio, on-going facilities and how the establishment of the EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision and its aligned Doctoral Training Centre in Ultra Precision will continue to support the development of ultra precision expertise in the UK.

Files are available to download here:

IKC Final Report


Prof Paul Shore – Overview from IKC Director

Dr Chris Sansom – IKC Knowledge Transfer

Dr Chris Sansom – Solar Thermal Power

Paul Morantz – Micro Four

Prof Bill O’Neill – Laser Assisted Cold Gas Manufacturing

Dr Feng Gao – In Situ Real Time Measurement

Dr David Walker – Review of National Facility

John Allsop – Review of SSL

Dr Anthony Chapman – Overview of EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing

Prof Paul Shore – EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision

Prof Bill O’Neill – EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision