Renewable Energy Machines – Lecture by Prof Alex Slocum of MIT, July 2013

On Monday 8 July 2013, the Centre hosted a lecture given by Professor Alexander Slocum of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Returning to Cranfield after nearly 25 years, Alexander Slocum, Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, provided a special lecture on engineering innovations for effective renewable energy.  Over 80 staff and students from across the School of Applied Sciences and School of Engineering attended his lecture.

Professor Slocum is perhaps the most recognised Professor of precision engineering in the US.  His book Precision Machine Design, most significantly written during his sabbatical at Cranfield in 1989, remains the authoritative text on its subject and is considered an engineering bible by many in the precision engineering community.

In addition to being a leading professor at MIT, Alex is also a Director with the Executive Office of the US President in regards to science and technology.

Alex is also the President of the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE).  Both ASPE  and the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen), where Cranfield’s Professor Paul Shore is Immediate Past President, have a well based partnership promoting each other’s successes.

Professor Slocum’s presentations slides are available for download:
Renewable Energy Machines – Prof Alex Slocum