Watch it Made® Experience with Goldington Academy, December 2014

The ESPRC Centre in Ultra Precision welcomed year 8 pupils from Goldington Academy, Bedfordshire to undertake the Watch it Made® experience at Cranfield University’s Watch it Made Manufacturing Learning Studio.

The children spent the afternoon in the Watch it Made® Studio choosing the design of their watch faces and seeing how it was printed using UV ink jet technology. They gained hands on practical experience mounting their watch case in a lathe, operating it, and seeing their watch part machined, followed by the personalised engraving of the back of their watch case.

Finally, the children assembled all of their manufactured watch components, together with some pre-supplied parts e.g. hands, watch glass and strap. At the end of the session, all of the children left with their own personalised timepiece.

“I learned how each bit is made and why it makes the watch we know and love.”

“The best and interesting part was when we put everything together to complete the watch. Also I like the bit when we got to engrave our name on the back.”

“The best part of the day was watching the engraving and the feeling when the watch was finished.”

“I have learned how watches are made and how a person could be creative about things.”