OpTek Systems

Subcontract processing service and production equipment for precision laser micromachining, laser processing, automation and inspection from OpTek Systems.

OpTek Systems headquartered in Abingdon, UK, with facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, is a global provider of precision laser micromachining solutions, delivered as both production equipment and sub-contract laser processing services.

Typical examples include, cutting and shaping optical fibre, high speed drilling of injection moulded components, laser milling of features in super-hard tooling materials, scribing of photovoltaic and display materials, cutting and drilling of quartz, bio-sensors, precision spray and injection nozzles, conventional and plastic electronics.

The OpTek team combines the highest levels of experience and expertise with state of the art facilities, including lasers throughout the spectrum to deliver an advanced precision laser micromachining capability, from new process development to full production and tailored exactly to your specific requirements.

Images courtesy of OpTek Systems.

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