Group Project Presentation Day, April 2016

Cranfield University’s Manufacturing, Materials and Design Group Project Presentation Day took place on Friday 29 April 2016. 5 parallel sessions covering 30 design, manufacturing and materials projects too place that day.

MSc students across manufacturing, materials and design disciplines spent three months as groups delivering on strategic projects for industrial clients. The presentation day provided an opportunity for the students to demonstrate the value that they have brought to the clients as well as an opportunity for students and visitors to network during the breaks. Posters for the projects were on display throughout the day.

The EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision were pleased to have worked with the students and academics involved with the Roll to roll manufacturing of transparent conductive electrodes using Cu nanowires MSc group project, supervised by Dr Zhaorong Huang, Prof Jose Endrino Armenteros and Dr Paul Comley who currently leads the development of the Centre’s reel to reel platform.