Group Project Presentation Day, April 2015

Cranfield University’s Manufacturing Group Project Presentation Day was held on Wednesday 29 April 2015, showcasing projects from the manufacturing, materials and design programmes.

Group projects were presented in a multi-track event covering design, manufacturing and materials. Full time students spent three months in groups delivering on strategic projects, many supported by industry. The presentation day provided an opportunity for the students to demonstrate the value that they have brought to sponsoring clients as well as an opportunity for networking.

The EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision supported the group project Watch it Made ® Go Mobile which looked at creating a mobile version of the Watch it Made® watch making experience.

As part of this group project, a partnership with Vauxhall Motors in Luton, Bedfordshire was established, who provided a vehicle for the watch making experience to be delivered at various venues.

Group project members were Mr Stephen Ajadi; Mr Julien Haba; Ms Clotilde Lebrun; Ms Ramóna Péter; Ms Bich-Lan Phan; Mr Bertrand Richer and Mr Robbie Wang.

Project supervisors were Dr Paul Comley and Professor Paul Shore.

Watch it Made Go Mobile Group Project Team (left to right): Julien Haba, Clotilde Lebrun, Bertrand Richer, Ramona Peter, Bich-Lan Phan, Stephen Ajadi and Robbie Wang.
Watch it Made Go Mobile Group Project Team - Poster Presentations
Group project presentation
Watch it Made Go Mobile Group Project team with supervisor Dr Paul Comley and Cherie Denton, Community Relations Coordinator, Vauxhall Motors