Contour Fine Tooling

Anticipating market requirements and working with customers in both industry and academia, Contour Fine Tooling has developed application-orientated solutions covering the spectrum of ultra-precision manufacturing and optics.

Amongst applications are the machining of contact and intra-ocular lenses, photo-receptor drums, scanning polygons, infra-red and laser optics, and components used in consumer electronics such as DVD players, camcorders and digital cameras.

Standard and special tools are offered, with varying levels of precision, and utilising both natural and synthetic single crystal stones. This is complemented by Contour’s hallmark of quality and extensive applications support. On site technical support and education is provided to allow tool management and care programs to be implemented, thus optimising customer investment.

Contour Fine Tooling continues to adapt and enhance its product range, manufacturing and business processes, to suit ever-changing customer and technological demands.