Loxham Precision Laboratory at Cranfield University

The Loxham Precision Laboratory at Cranfield University is a precisely temperature and humidity controlled facility and equipped to handle optics through instrumented cranes and holding devices.
The laboratory houses equipment that has the capacity to grind, polish, plasma process and measure ultra precise free-form optics of up to 1.5 metres with unrivalled production rates.
The Precision Engineering Institute at Cranfield University is an established supplier of optics and systems to ESO, ESA, NASA, The National Physical Laboratory and industrial programmes. Delivered products are measured using fully traceable metrology systems.

View a video here of the facilities at Cranfield’s Precision Engineering Institute.

Equipment/Facility at Location Link
BoX® Grinding Machine View further details
Leitz Co-ordinate Measuring Machine View further details
RAP 300 View further details
RAP Helios 1200 View further details
Laser Assisted Plasma Machine View further details
Zygo Laser Interferometer View further details
High Resolution Spectrometer View further details
Precision Engineering Institute, Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, MK43 0AL, UK

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