Micro Manufacturing

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9:30 am - 5:00 pm


The Manufacturing Technology Centre
Coventry, CV7 9JU.

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EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision

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Micro Manufacturing

This event, organised by the EPSRC Centre in Ultra Precision in conjunction with euspen and hosted by the Manufacturing Technology Centre Ltd, is intended to attract the UK’s top practitioners, industrialists and academics in the field of production and machining of micron or smaller sized features. The application of these features at small dimensions are varied, including security tagging, hologram reproduction, ultra precision component parts for micro machinery itself, optical gratings and a myriad of other functions that might at first glance not be so obvious in daily use, but rely on these small scale micro manufacturing practices to enable much of modern life to exist.

Presentations are expected to cover topics such as the machinery and production processes of micro manufacturing, issues of metrology and functional testing on micro manufactured components, some of the typical devices and performance criteria achievable with micro manufacturing and possibly the application areas for micro manufactured devices and components. It is hoped that this will raise further discussion and debate on the day on the general direction for existing and future volume uptake of micro-manufacturing and how any issues might be resolved in the near future.

Workshop tours of the Manufacturing Technology Centre will be included on the day.


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Please note that photographs will be taken throughout the day for marketing and public relations purposes. If you have any concerns, please notify us on the day.

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