Talysurf CCI

Information Detail
Type Talysurf CCI
Manufacturer Taylor Hobson Precision
Model/Specification Number Talysurf CCI 6000
Year Manufactured N/A
Availability This equipment can be accessed for commercial and research purposes
Contact Name Dr Paul Comley
Contact email p.comley@cranfield.ac.uk

The TalySurf CCI is an advanced 3-dimensional non-contact optical metrology tool used for advanced surface characterisation. This instrument has the ability to offer a true topographical representation of a surface with 0.01 nm Z resolution over a full scan range plus a 0.4 µm lateral resolution, with over 1,000,000 data points.

Taylor Hobson’s patented coherence correlation interferometry (CCI) technology provides ultra high resolution interferometic measurements for non-contact surface roughness, step-heights, form, shape, angular and critical dimension results.

Coherence correlation interferometry (CCI) is a multi-functional and flexible 3D metrology technology that can be adapted to measure and characterise a wide range of surface types. Polished, ground, etched, transparent, rough, shiny and multi-dimensional surface types can all be measured and characterised. Accurate surface characterisation can proved critical information that can be related to spects of a manufacturing process. Understanding and monitoring these processes allows research and production to maintain component quality, yields and operational performances.

Precision Engineering Institute, Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, MK43 0AL

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