euspen Challenge, July 2013

euspen Challenge is an international competition to identify outstanding students across Europe with potential to be future leaders in the field of precision engineering and nanotechnology.

euspen Challenge 2013 was held at Oticon and Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2-4 July 2013.  Oticon is an advanced hearing aid manufacturer in Copenhagen.

Twenty six students from across Europe and 1 US student from Prof Alex Slocum’s group at the MIT competed to win prizes.  The team competition was to design, produce (by 3D CNC printing) and demonstrate a new product to ease the removal and insertion of tiny batteries in miniature hearing aids.  As you might imagine, removing and inserting tiny batteries is a challenge in itself but especially for elder people who often rely on such hearing aids.

Good new this year is that two students undertaking research at Cranfield University were among the prize winners.  Antonin Billaud and Cindy Potyrala won the prizes for the most innovative concept and the best presented solution respectively.  Well done to both!

Images courtesy of euspen Limited